Shareit is the Latest Most Effective File Sharing App You Need

Shareit is the Latest Most Effective File Sharing App You Need

Bluetooth is old school. Shareit is the world’s preferred app for cross platform sharing. Today there Shareit boasts over 800 million users which are a phenomenal number. In a fast moving and extremely connected world, Shareit has made its name by proving fast service is various platforms. Here’s well be telling you how you too, can us the app for your benefits. Read on.


SHAREit supports 30 languages including English, Russia, Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic. The app allows you to transfer files like videos, audios, contacts, apps among a tin of other things. Shareit competes with the likes of popular file sharing services like Xender, Share Apps, Zapya, SuperBeam, etc. Besides the usual sharing service, the app also offer features like Control and Cloneit, which is pretty much a useful and exclusive feature of Shareit. The app comes for free, requires no wi-fi or mobile data to work. It’s super fast, about 200 times faster than Bluetooth. Shareit is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, and Mac.

Other services that Shareit provide is Listenit, Cloneit, Lockit and Cleanit. Listenit is for the music lover, Cloneit is one step ahead of where you can batch copy all data. With Cloneit, you can easily transfer data from one phone to another. With the app, 12 types of data transfer can be done fast, without the fear of privacy being leaked. Lockit is the best app lock and privacy guard. It’s basically a private vault that only you can access via your very own chosen pattern. Finally, with Cleanit, you can clean your handset.

Before Shareit, there was no convenient way of sharing file between devices. Bluetooth was too slow, and USB cables are fussy. The inadequacy of a good sharing method gave rise to Shareit that was launched in 2012 with a different name. Sharit has practically revolutionized the way we share files these days.

There are a number of ways you can use Shareit to transfer files. You can share between phones, between phone and PC too. Here’s how. For sharing between two smartphones, you need to download the app into both the devices via Google Play Store. If you have a Lenovo handset, chances are the app already pre-installed. Now open both the app and each for one another, connect and begin sharing in lightening speed.

Transferring between a smartphone and a PC is a bit more complicated from what we have experienced. Get Shareit for PC in you Windows computer from the official Shareit site. After downloading, don’t forget to install and it’ll take a few minutes based on how slow or fast your computer is. Next open Shareit in both your handset and PC. We find connecting our Android device with the PC easier that to search and connect from the PC. Now, open Shareit in both your handset and PC. Next let the app make searches, while it does, you should be able to see a Connect to PC option, down right hands side. Tap it, and instantly the app will begin searching for the PC. Once it can locate, connect and start sharing.

Top 3 Lotteries of India — Best List

Top 3 Lotteries of India — Best List

Money by selling numbered tickets and giving prizes to those who purchased the numbers, drawn at random manner is the simplest form of gambling that is known as lottery. This way of making money is very popular and some of the states are very active when it comes to lottery. Some of the most active states are Goa, Maharashtra, Kerala, West Bengal etc. and thus India government has taken few steps my making it a registered business to avoid the illegal probation regarding the business, and this step has helped the buyers to save from being cheated.

top 3 lotteries in india

Goa State Lottery

The finance ministry list includes 17 lotteries run in traditional way and 241 online ones. Maharashtra’s ten figure in the list. Among the online ones Goa has 168 lotteries. Goa’s ongoing paper lottery business is also under threat due to some states banning its sale to highlight the on-line lotteries. But the local Congress government has planned a series of court petitions against any state, that would ban sale of its paper lotteries.

Maharashtra State Lottery

1996 was on April 12 Maharashtra state lottery was established. the state Department of Finance began the lottery first. The state-run lottery winning greater public trust in the payment of very low investment. The motto of the government regarding the lottery is to improve the education and health, women and child development as well as strengthening the agricultural sector, as well as the sale of lottery is to become a full-time or part-time business for many unemployed youths. Lottery numbers are selected from the electrical device or drums. Thus, draws are transparent and credible. In the last 42 years state lottery bodhavaky is covered glory and visvasarha ‘satyata.

Monday Sagar Lakshmi- 5 Lakh (1st Prize) Maharashtra Diamond Mini- 2 Lakh (1st Prize)
Tuesday Padmini- 5 Lakh (1st Prize)  
Wednesday Akshay- 5 Lakh (1st Prize) Maharashtra Platinum Mini- 2 Lakh (1st Prize)
Thursday Akarshak Puskaraj- 11Lakh (1st Prize) Maharashtra Gold Mini- 1 Lakh (1st Prize)
Friday Vaibhav Lakshmi- – 5 Lakh (1st Prize)  
Saturday Maharashtra Lakshmi- 7 Lakh (1st Prize) Maharashtra Silver Mini- 1 Lakh (1st Prize)

Kerala Lotteries

State Kerala also run lotteries by their own. In God’s own country, this is one industry the sun never sets on.  The State launched its own lotteries in 1967 under a CPI(M) government, it is the first state in the country to do so  and they have never made a loss. The main structure of Kerala lottery is two types- 1.Weekly Lottery and 2.Bumper Lottery.

Kerala state lottery department announces seven-lottery result starting from Win Win of Monday to Pournami of Sunday of every week.

Kerala Bumper Lottery

So, lovers of luck-by-chance in India here is brief information about lottery for your knowledge. So all I want to say that play this lottery game to increase your winning probability.

The state’s lottery game tax Act mandates that marketer of any lotto game needs to register himself with the replacement commissioner (lotto tax) prior to he introduces the plan. The promoter needs to pay a bear down every Monday. The quantity is examined by the deputy commissioner. He likewise needs to submit his documents on a regular basis to the lottery game department.

How to track order through Blue Dart Customer Care Service?

How to track order through Blue Dart Customer Care Service?

Talking about courier services, the first to come to our mind is Blue dart. It has been 21 years since the courier company has been delivery parcels and gifts to our beloved ones or for corporate purposes. They started with a city and now they have over 220 countries to look after. They partnered with DHL and ever since, they have just been growing. In south Asia region and in India, they have more than 34,000 locations. Blue dart serves not just people but also various ecommerce websites as everyone knows they probably are just the best.

If they have so much to look after, and when they have so many cities and countries, it becomes essential to have an equally efficient customer service system.


How to contact Blue Dart Customer Care?

Blue dart allows you to contact them both via email as well as on call. The helpline numbers are available for 24 hours and 7 days of the week.

How to track order id?

There can be times when you did not receive the order on the said date and when you might have been given the wrong information on call. In order to be confirmed about the order, you can track your order for yourself. Blue dart has its own tracking system and they provide to you the tracking details via message after you have placed an order. The tracking number shall help you easily track your order and have details about the current situation of the parcel.

You can call or email and get the details. You can also visit their website, enter the tracking id and get the package’s whereabouts.

Blue Dart Customer Care Number & Customer Care Email Address

Blue Dart has divided Indian market place into different territories according to different states. Though every state has its own customer care number, there also is a universal toll free number that can be used across India. The number can be accessed from any part of India and rest assured your query shall be answered. You can call on 1860-233-1234. However, you can also try to reach them through another number which is not toll free, but also can be reached from any part of India, 040 66151234.

Blue Dart allows services on email as well and if you wish to mention any complaint or keep a record of something that has happened on their part, you can simply email it to them. You can write an email on their universal email id,

Everything we want to know about iPhone 7 : Colors, Variants, Processor

Everything we want to know about iPhone 7 : Colors, Variants, Processor

Apple is ready to launch the next generation iPhone in this whole new world. It is set to be launched in the third week of September. Yeah I think we all noticed how internet is gazing upon all the rumors and speculations there are after iPhone 7.


As the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has recently made a bold statement that every user would want to upgrade it to the new device and it would be irresistible not to buy the new iPhone 7. The new iPhone 7 would be having 32GB as the base storage as it was 8 or 16GB with the previous models.

There were some rumors that this upcoming iPhone would be known as iPhone 6SE as this iPhone would be looking very similar to the previous variant iPhone 6S, but sources has confirmed that this upcoming iPhone will be known as iPhone 7 and scheduled to be launched on 16 September 2016

To make it a new iPhone 7 there would be some additions so that it could be differentiated from iPhone 6s:

Processor: the new iPhone 7 would be having A10 chipset which is said that it would be as swift as A9X processor in new iPad Pro. This processor scores 3000 in single-core test which is expressively higher than current A9 chip found inside iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. That mean, the new Apple iPhone 7, could be the most powerful iPhone setting a benchmark for everybody else out there.

Eliminating Audio jack: there will be no audio jack in the new iPhone 7, this time Apple totally ditches the idea of adding a 3.5mm audio jack but it will be replaced by another speaker making a dual audio speaker in new iPhone 7 for powerful audial experience.

Model layout: the design of new iPhone 7 would be different than iPhone 6S seems to be flatter and chic. Finally, the camera bump has gone but that could mean a small camera lens is it going to cut the power of a big camera lens. Significantly there would be no strips of antenna bands at the back of iPhone giving it much open feel in hands.

Variants: the new iPhone 7 will possibly be coming in different upgraded premium variants. The iPhone 7 plus like the prodigals and there would be a new variant introduced by Apple this time would be the Pro version like iPad pro it’s the smartest one in the league, similarly the new iPhone7 Pro will do a solid in the whole clan of iPhones. It would also be equipped with 256GB storage and a dual camera lens which would be comparable to a DLSR image quality in the future. The iOS 10 release date same as iphone.

How to Add Payee to your IOB Bank Account

How to Add Payee to your IOB Bank Account

With 3700 domestic branches and 3300 ATMs in India Indian Overseas Bank is one of the major bank in India. IOB is public sector bank owned by Government of India and its headquarters are located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It is also having branches and extension counters in foreign countries for its non-residential Indians (NRI). IOB started in the year 1937 in Madras and in 1969 IOB is nationalised by the Government of India and since then its main operations are targeted towards India.


Indian Overseas Bank provides a lot of services for its customers like saving account which is a basic requirement to be a IOB customers, Loans like Gold loans, car loans, home loans etc, Insurance, Visa Cards, and Internet and Mobile Banking.

Now every bank is providing its users a debit card, internet banking account, mobile banking account when they open an account in it. Internet banking will make many banking tasks simple, users can check balance, transfer funds pay bills, insurance and much more directly from your computer without ever going to a bank.

How to add payee to your IOB Account?

Users need to add payee account details to their account before they can send money to others. Follow the steps below to learn how to add payee to your account.

  1. A) IOB Account:

This process is to add a payee with IOB account, when you add a payee to your account it need to get approval from the home branch of the account to transfer funds using IOB Net Banking.

Step 1: Login to your internet banking account with login ID and password.

Step 2: Go to remittances then to Add payee. After clicking on Add payee select IOB Account.

Step 3: Fill all the details Name, Account, Number of the person and click submit.

Step 4: After clicking Submit the bank will send a OTP number to your mobile number registered with the account. This is to verify and confirm your actions, now click on “Approve payee”

After this your request will be sent to the Home branch of the person where the employees of the branch will give you permissions. This process will take one working day. After they approved you can transfer money at any time on any day and they will be deposited instantly.

  1. B) Other Bank Account

The process to add payee of other branch is almost similar to the adding an account of IOB. However, there are minor changes which are quiet simple to do.

Step 1: Open the internet banking website and login using Login ID and password.

Step 2: Select Remittances and go to add payee option. Their click on other bank account.

Step 3: Now you need to fill more details about the payee like Name, Address, account type, account number and IFSC code for the bank branch of payee. After entering the details click add payee.

Step 4: Now your mobile number will be sent a OTP which you need to enter and click on “Approve Payee.”

These are the two ways to add payee to your internet banking account.

Amazon Helpline, Customer Care and Official Mail Id

Amazon Helpline, Customer Care and Official Mail Id

Amazon is an online shopping store where you can get some products…phones, shoes, clothes, brands like Nike, Puma, HP, Levis, Adidas, Fastrack, skybags, and toys, furniture, the cameras, etc. Well it’s not so complicated to order something on Amazon, but still if you face problem you can go for Amazon help, customer care number, email id, and office address.The headquarters of Amazon is in Seattle, Washington. It is one of the largest internet based retailers in America. Let’s know all the things about Amazon customer care.

Amazon Customer Care

In this article, you will get Amazon helpline number and customer service. It may help you in the problems for your shipping, shopping, delivery, etc. the helpline number or the official mail id will assist you in connecting with a company representative. The services are available to you 24*7. People buy several products which may take time in the deal; the delivery may delay sometimes, or product may be delivered. This depends on the post service through which the item is shipped. Usually, the problems may be of

damaged product,
quality issue etc.

this article will help you in solving all your problems given above through phone number, mail, etc. Amazon is operated by Amazon Seller Services Private Ltd. although It assures 100% protection of your shopping done, if your query is not answered by our help pages or through information provided in your account, you may contact directly
Through mail –

By following this URL, you can ask your queries related to your product. You will have to select the option through which you can contact the customer care. According to your comfort you can go with mail, chat or phone. By following this process, you can ask about your problem and explain it to the attendee.

Amazon office email id –

Amazon Office address –
Amazon Offices Address State Wise-

Chennai –
#40,3rd Floor, SP Infocity
M G R Salai, Perungudi
Kandanchavady, Chennai-600096 044-30883088


Amazon Development Center India Pvt. Ltd., 2nd Floor-Block A & Block B,
Survey Number-109,110,111/2, Nanakramguda Village,
Serlingamplayy Mandal, Hyderabad


Bangalore Amazon Development Center India Pvt Ltd., 2nd Floor

Safina Towers, Opposite to J.P. Techno Park,

No.3, Ali Asker Road, Bangalore – 560052.
Amazon Registered office- Brigade Gateway, 8th floor, 26/1, Dr. Rajkumar Road, Malleshwaram (W), Bangalore – 560055, Karnataka, India.
Toll-free number -1800 3000 9009
Customer care No. -022-30430101
Amazon business services Toll-free No. 1800 419 7355
Amazon social profiles –
Amazon Twitter page –
Amazon Facebook page –
LinkedIn profile –
Google Plus profile –

The above are the social profiles where you can be in contact with the customer helper, and it is available to you 24*7. Also, you can complain about the websites services by tagging them.
Through these social profiles, you can get updates of daily offers, discounts, schemes, etc. Amazon has separate retail websites for Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, India. Hope this will help you.

HDFC mobile banking app – Bringing Banking at your Fingertips

HDFC mobile banking app – Bringing Banking at your Fingertips

In the present scenario of banking and finance, technology has become a boom for the society. Technology is revolutionized almost in every field of human activity and endeavour like HDFC net banking has brought the banking services to customers home. Considering the advantages of developing market for cellular services, smartphones and mobile phones, banks decided to bring their services even at the customer fingertips with the newly concept of mobile banking. Mobile banking especially targeted those people who travel more frequently and wanted to keep track of their banking transaction.

As the mobile banking technology started evolving, HDFC bank started SMS service alert for the customers to inform them in the event of any suspicious activity or amount withdrawn on their account.

hdfc mobile banking

Things to keep in mind while using the mobile banking facility

Consult with your HDFC bank branch and discuss about the charges if any. Make sure always that the HDFC mobile banking application and your phone is password protected so that any unauthorized means cannot able to access it. Always choose a strong password and never shared it with anyone. You can even opt for anti-viral software for your phone or mobile device to avoid virus attacks. Before doing any signup on HDFC mobile banking app, check the risk that whether something going wrong or not like system not working proper, time lags between funds transfer, etc.

Services offered by HDFC mobile banking app

HDFC Mobile banking app is a good choice for customers no matter wherever they are, they can pay bills either for their landline, dish tvs, mobiles, etc. with just a single click. Sending the money to someone in our family or friends in times of need and bringing a smile on their faces only possible through this convenient means.

Security features of mobile banking

Never ever store any information on the SIM card or mobile phone. In event of phone got lost or stolen, you are completely safe and need not to be compromised. HDFC mobile banking app comes loaded with the same extensive features as the internet banking offers such as login to your account using confidential IPIN and CustID and ensures that account information is completely 128-bit SSL protected.

Precautions to take care on using the mobile banking service

Do not share your confidential information or PIN over the internet or phone. Avoid clicking on the links embedded with emails or on social networking sites representing the HDFC bank. Without any due validation of recipient, do not transfer funds. Inform the bank about charges received in your mobile number to avoid SMS being sent to someone else. Always be careful in accepting any offers such as dialer tunes, caller tunes, open/ download attachments or emails from unknown sources. While using Bluetooth feature anywhere in public places, become sure that no one is accessing your confidential information. Even if you found any website doesn’t seem authentic, avoid downloading the contents from them. In case of any emergency you can also call to HDFC customer care to get help.

Technology always considered one of the major factors for bringing a rapid change in mankind. Mobile banking plays an important role in adding a comfort level to your busy schedule by keeping a tab on the accounts whether you are busy or travels a lot.

Flipkart vs Snapdeal – Which Online Market Place is better?

Flipkart vs Snapdeal – Which Online Market Place is better?

Indian e-commerce market has developed hugely since 2010 and Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal are the three giants of it. According to Morgan Stanley, Indian online market place will grow by $137 billion by 2020. So, the e-commerce is going to be huge in few years and as the 4G has already introduces by some telecom companies in India, 200 million Indians are expected to join the Internet. So, which of the online market place is the most popular at the moment? Let’s compare between Flipkart and Snapdeal, see what different strategies they are applying to attract customers.

Flipkart vs Snapdeal Comparison

The competition in Indian e-commerce market is getting brutal and nastier day by day and it will be interesting to see, which one can survive in this rate race in the coming years. Let’s find out which one has the capability to be the undisputed champion of Indian online market place.

snapdeal customer care

Snapdeal: Snapdeal is now deliver to 6000+ cities and towns of India and they have over 300,000 sellers all over India. Moreover, the e-commerce company has partnered with several leading global and individual investors, i.e. Mr. Ratan Tata, Foxconn, BlackRock, Bessemer Venture Partners, SoftBank, Alibaba, eBay Inc etc. Snapdeal has raised their products to 35 million with 800+ categories.

One of the key element to move forward in e-commerce industry is customer satisfaction and Snapdeal customer care team is working hard to reach the ultimate level of it to satisfy the customers. On, customers can use coupon code or discount code to get extra discounts on products. That coupon code facility isn’t available on Flipkart, which is akind of drawback for the online market place.

The layout of Snapdeal is easy to understand and it also has very flexible policies & great SD advisors to help the interested sellers around India. Snapdeal now has 125,000+ national, regional and international retailers associated with them. The online market is really growing up to be one of toughest competitors in Indian E-commerce market.

Flipkart: On the other hand Flipkart is statistically the number one e-commerce company of India and has managed to gain the trust, generate goodwill among the Indian buyers. Flipkart is the first online market place to introduce 24×7 customer supports in 2008.

The e-commerce site has launched in 2007 and grown immensely since then. Now it has over 40 million products and 80+ main categories. Flipkart also covers greater locations in India comparing to Snapdeal. Now it experiences 10 million page views everyday and makes 8 million shipments every month, which is quite extraordinary.

Both the company is working hard to provide a whole new level of service to the customers while buying products from online. Flipkart and Snapdeal both provide 24×7 customer care support and provide unbelievable offers in the festive seasons of India. So, the rate is on and it would take some years to find out the undisputed champions of Indian online marketplace.