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How to Deal with Various ShowBox not Working Problems?

How to Deal with Various ShowBox not Working Problems?

Currently, lives are too busy and to struggling. In this condition, we may find some time to get to watch some new movies. And thanks to certain mobile entertainment apps the problem is not that persistent anymore. While coming the topic of entertainment apps, ShowBox is something we can trust upon blindly. But ShowBox is not that perfect, and at times the users face ShowBox not Working Problems. In this tutorial, we will explain some of the solutions of ShowBox not Working Problems.

ShowBox not Working Issues: How to Solve Them?

ShowBox App Crashes

This app crashes too often. So to prevent that you can consult the following steps:

  1. First force stop the ShowBox app and then restart it.
  2. After that reboot your device and retry.
  3. Finally, clear the ShowBox cache.

Server Error

It is another persistent issue of this app and to overcome it; you need to follow the given steps:

  • First, download an update for ShowBox from here and install it.
  • Then turn off Wi-Fi on your device.
  • Now navigate to Settings, App Manager and ShowBox app on your device.
  • Next select Clear data and Clear cache.
  • Finally, restart ShowBox and turn Wi-Fi back on.
Showbox not working
Showbox not working

Server Unavailable

As an app, this is a very common issue, while you are trying to download or even stream a movie. The solution is offered here:

  • First stop the ShowBox app.
  • Then navigate to Settings, App Manager and ShowBox app on your device.
  • Select Clear data and Clear cache.
  • Finally, restart the ShowBox app.

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The Cache Causing Error

Here is one of the frequent issues that the users deal on almost a regular basis. The solution is simple:

  • First, go to the device Setting and Hit the General option.
  • Now, find the Application Manager button, tab it and scroll to find All Application or All
  • Then search the ShowBox app from the list and select it.
  • Finally tap the Clear Data along with the Clear Cache button, and you successfully fix this issue.


We expect this article will help you out and those who are suffering from ShowBox not working problems will be beneficial with the article. It is a fact that there are a lot of apps there to choose from as ShowBox alternatives, but still, ShowBox app is something so unique, that you should not let it go because you are facing certain issues. Take the help of this article on ShowBox not working, and this app will be one of the best decisions of your life.

Vidmate Has Some Great Features to Make it One of the Most Popular App

Vidmate Has Some Great Features to Make it One of the Most Popular App

Entertainment apps are in all the smartphones, and it is a great way to get entertainment anywhere anytime. And among the number of such apps, Vidmate is one of the most popular among the users of such apps. There are reasons for that. We have decided to discuss the features of Vidmate, which has made it too perfect.

Here is the list of the features!

Vidmate Features

  • Fastest Download Speeds

The first thing that attracts the users is the excellent speed of this app, and thus with the same internet connection, Vidmate provides up to 200% faster speed than such other apps. Vidmate uses an advanced technology which keeps the users to get the maximum capability of your Internet speed. It connects to the host multiple times from your single device which can improve your internet speed up to 5 times. Though, it is true that several other apps are already doing it. But they are using similar technology but improved one.

  • User-friendly Interface

The Vidmate app offers a lot of features that may seem difficult to manage, but it has been having done beautifully and systematically, not only to make it easy to use but also makes it extremely beautiful to look at. So, even a first-time user can easily use it and be comfortable with it.

Vidmate app has splendid features

  • Unlimited Free Full Movies Download

Vidmate offers a great library, and it gets updated quite frequently.  It searches for  movies on the internet and collects them for you so that you can download them directly to your devices absolutely free. So it is almost impossible not to get what you are looking for.

  • High-Quality Music Download

If you thing Vidmate only offers movies and television series then you have more surprise. From this app, you can download hundreds and thousands of High-Quality songs directly. It also offers you to download in various languages too; like you can download songs in English, Hindi, Bahasa, Telugu and many more directly to your Android.

  • Live TV Channels

There are many apps that offer live TV channels but there are mostly comes with terms and conditions, and sadly most of them are fake or require money to watch. Thus Vidmate is unique in its feature to let you watch more than 200 live TV Channels that covers Movie, Music, Entertainment, Fashion, News, Sport, and many other kinds of channels. This is one of the features which you may never be able to find in other apps free of cost. These TV channels load quite faster so that you can enjoy free live TV channels even when the internet is slow.

Last Words

It is a fact that Vidmate is the wisest choice if you think of getting an app that can fulfill all the demands of latest movies and music, along with television series. Here you can enjoy several channels as more option for your entertainment. This app even lets you download all the things for watching it later. So why wait? Just download Vidmate APK and enjoy your daily dose of entertainment.