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Steps On How To Set Up A Router

Steps On How To Set Up A Router

Do you want to connect all your devices to the internet in your house? You need to first set up your Router so your devices can connect to the internet anywhere in your house. Either from the bedroom, sitting room, kitchen or in the toilet, with a router from anywhere you are with your device you can connect to the internet. When getting a router, it is advisable to get the best wireless router for a strong and speedy internet connection.

Setting up a router is a step-by-step process. I will clearly explain how you can easily set up your router by yourself by carefully following the steps below;


Step 1: Get a good Router that can connect up to 8 devices or more with a strong network
speed and place it in an open area to allow for easy strong signal. A MIMO type
router is recommended for a strong connection with multiple devices.

Step 2: Connect the Router to your modem with an Ethernet cable. Most Routers come
with an Ethernet cable which you will use to connect to the modem.

Step 3: Configure your wireless router gateway and connect the modem to the WAN
(Wide Area Network) internet port on the Router using CAT5 or CAT6 cable.

Step 4: Connect any devices you want to connect with the router such as your PC with the
red cable wire while the thinner grey color wire plugged into the green port on the
modem is connected to the phone jack in the wall. You need to connect at least one
device when setting up your router in order to adjust your router settings. You can
later disconnect it and connect wirelessly after you have successfully set up your

Step 5: Change your router’s admin password. Many of the router manufacturers provide
smartphone apps that you can use to configure their router. If your router comes
with it then use the app. If your router does not come with the manufacturer app
then connect your computer to the router with the use of an Ethernet cable.

In order to change the admin password, type the router IP address in your web
browser and click send. Type in the router’s admin login and password and click
enter and then you can change the password to your desired password.

Step 6: Update the router’s firmware. You need to update the firmware because router
manufacturers often update their firmware in order to fix bugs, security issues and
improve performance. Most routers have an auto-update function so they
automatically update themselves. After updating then reboot your router.

Step 7: Create a password for your WiFi network. Some routers come with their assigned
password from the manufacturer while some don’t. Your password should be a very
strong password that includes letters, numbers, and special characters.

Step 8: Login to your WiFi network using the password you created. If you have correctly
successfully set up your router, you should be able to login to your WiFi network
with the password you created. You can then connect all your devices such as
laptops, smart TVs, tablets and any other internet-enabled devices to your network
using your password.

Apple iOS 11 is Expected to bring a Number of New Things

Apple iOS 11 is Expected to bring a Number of New Things

News and updates are coming in from different sources regarding the new things that are going to be announced with the launch of the new devices. And these updates are coming in quite frequently. Much to the pleasure of the tech enthusiasts this news and updates do not only concern the electronic gadgets, but these updates keep on coming in regarding the software updates from different tech companies as well. So that makes things really interesting for all those who keep a constant eye on the development which is taking place in the field of technology.

One such software update which is expected to be launched before the end of the ongoing year is going to be the one from Apple. It is more than an accepted fact that Apple iOS 11 is going to hit the market at some point in time this year. And expectations are there that Apple iOS 11 is going to be launched in the upcoming event of Apple. The upcoming event, which is the Worldwide Developers Conference, is going to be held from June 5 at San Jose in the USA.

Before we get the official words on how things are going to pan out when it gets launched within a few days’ time, we take a look at the new things that are expected to come out once it becomes available to the users. Also, there are quite a number of things which are going to be excluded. And here we’re with a glimpse of what has been speculated all this while.

iOS 11 will have many new features

One of the great things that are going to come in for the users who will be eligible to upgrade their Apple device to the latest software that will be launched by the developers is the group calling option in Facetime. Facetime is one of the most popular inbuilt apps for the users of the electronic gadgets from Apple which run on the iOS platform. Previously, and also at this juncture, the users can make video calling only between individuals only. But it is reported on a number of occasions that once the software gets the update to the latest version, the users will be able to make video calls in a group. That sounds really impressive for all the consumers of devices manufactured by Apple if the speculation eventually turns out to be true.

Not just Facetime, there are other things as well. The iMessage app is also going to get a makeover once Apple iOS 11 gets into being. It has been reported on a number of occasions that iMessage in Apple is going to get a new feature once Apple iOS 11 gets launched. The users will be getting snapshot notifications from iMessage once the new upgraded edition of the software gets installed in the device.

Along with that, there are worrying reports from the users as well as the developers of the apps about the ios 11 compatible apps and devices. This is because it has been reported that more than a million apps are going to be rendered obsolete once Apple iOS 11 comes into being.

However, it remains to be seen when the software update gets launched by its developers. And it seems that we don’t have to wait for too long in order to get an idea of how things are going to shape up.

Everything we want to know about iPhone 7 : Colors, Variants, Processor

Everything we want to know about iPhone 7 : Colors, Variants, Processor

Apple is ready to launch the next generation iPhone in this whole new world. It is set to be launched in the third week of September. Yeah I think we all noticed how internet is gazing upon all the rumors and speculations there are after iPhone 7.


As the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has recently made a bold statement that every user would want to upgrade it to the new device and it would be irresistible not to buy the new iPhone 7. The new iPhone 7 would be having 32GB as the base storage as it was 8 or 16GB with the previous models.

There were some rumors that this upcoming iPhone would be known as iPhone 6SE as this iPhone would be looking very similar to the previous variant iPhone 6S, but sources has confirmed that this upcoming iPhone will be known as iPhone 7 and scheduled to be launched on 16 September 2016

To make it a new iPhone 7 there would be some additions so that it could be differentiated from iPhone 6s:

Processor: the new iPhone 7 would be having A10 chipset which is said that it would be as swift as A9X processor in new iPad Pro. This processor scores 3000 in single-core test which is expressively higher than current A9 chip found inside iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. That mean, the new Apple iPhone 7, could be the most powerful iPhone setting a benchmark for everybody else out there.

Eliminating Audio jack: there will be no audio jack in the new iPhone 7, this time Apple totally ditches the idea of adding a 3.5mm audio jack but it will be replaced by another speaker making a dual audio speaker in new iPhone 7 for powerful audial experience.

Model layout: the design of new iPhone 7 would be different than iPhone 6S seems to be flatter and chic. Finally, the camera bump has gone but that could mean a small camera lens is it going to cut the power of a big camera lens. Significantly there would be no strips of antenna bands at the back of iPhone giving it much open feel in hands.

Variants: the new iPhone 7 will possibly be coming in different upgraded premium variants. The iPhone 7 plus like the prodigals and there would be a new variant introduced by Apple this time would be the Pro version like iPad pro it’s the smartest one in the league, similarly the new iPhone7 Pro will do a solid in the whole clan of iPhones. It would also be equipped with 256GB storage and a dual camera lens which would be comparable to a DLSR image quality in the future. The iOS 10 release date same as iphone.

Galaxy Note 8: Is the phablet releasing in the month of September?

Galaxy Note 8: Is the phablet releasing in the month of September?

Galaxy Note 8: Unfortunately, we have already faced disaster with the Note 7 phablet. By the end of October Note 7 production was ceased; thereby leading Samsung, to face a direct impact incurring a loss of $17 billion. But now that Samsung has made an attempt to come back, fans of the ‘Note’ series are excited. Mentioned below are some of the key specs that Samsung Note 8 is speculated to come up with.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Some Key Specs

The greatest focal points of Galaxy Note 8 is the display. Apparently, this is the deciding factor on how the phablet would be looking. As believed earlier, the phablet was speculated to come with a larger screen. But as per as the new reports are concerned, Galaxy Note 8 is not sporting a screen size of 6 inches. It is now speculated that the new phablet is rolling out with a 6.3-inch display; which is even larger than the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.


As per as the rumors, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is likely to roll out with a rich-looking feature of Note 7’s; with a design of glass-and-metal-fused. Note 7 had previously got some issues regarding the curved edges; which can be hoped to resolve by the makers with Samsung Galaxy Note 8. But going by the speculations, Galaxy Note 8 would apparently be similar to that of the S8 as per as design.

Galaxy Note 8 with no further confusion will definitely sport the latest Android OS; when the operating system is talked about. Specifically the upcoming phablet will be using either Android Nougat or Android O. But there might be Android O; however, there’s no specific news about that.

Because two is better than one, Note will be rolling out with dual lens camera. In 2016, this feature was trendy. But with Note 7, we didn’t witness anything trending. But with Note 8 we definitely are going to witness something extraordinary with a dual lens camera. Also as the rumor goes, the next phablet is going to sport a twin camera set in front as well.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date:

Earlier fans have seen Samsung release its Note series at IFA Berlin. Samsung always maintained consistency with the launching of their phablets, but knowingly it broke the trend by releasing Note 5 and Note 7 in the month of August. As speculations go, Samsung Note 8 is going to get unveiled in this year with a probable speculation of choosing the month of September.

No More Aluminum Body for the iPhone 8?

No More Aluminum Body for the iPhone 8?

Tech entity Apple has definitely gained ample amount of appreciation not just by manufacturing and developing all the iPhones but also for their iPods, iPads, MacBooks and of course the Apple Watches. Every time people have said that that Apple products are not only satisfying but are also worth the money due to which tech fanatics do not hesitate at all while buying the device. However, the tablet range by Apple has surely helped the company to acquire recognition and the iPhones have obviously stolen the show each time. Last year was a great time for the iPhone fanatics as the seventh generation of the Smartphone was released but one surprising scenario was the missing of iPhone 7S because it was not launched along with the seventh generation iPhone.

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In fact, the confirmation regarding iPhone 7S has still not been made. So, people think that either the tech entity could release iPhone 7S way before the launch of the eight generation iPhone or the company might not launch it at all. So chances of Apple unveiling the iPhone 8 directly could actually be a probability. iPhone 8 release date is another question which the Apple fanatics keep asking but sadly no confirmation on its launch has been made yet. Whatsoever things might be, an eight generation iPhone is surely in the making as speculation regarding the gadget is actually at rife. Therefore, it is legit that the users or the people who are mulling on purchasing the next iPhone would be talking about its features. However, Apple actually has been using the aluminum body since 2012 and now people say that the iPhone 8 might not just feature the aluminum body at all when it releases. So this hints that the iPhone 8 is actually going to strike a completely disparate outlook.

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Nevertheless, talking about the design of the eight generation of iPhone, the sources highlight that the next Smartphone in the iPhone series may get wrapped with glass. And the iPhone 8 might also sport a metal frame. So, this mean that the eight generation of iPhone is actually going to be a bit out of the box than all the predecessors.

However, the device getting wrapped with glass might indicate that the iPhone 8 won’t be that sturdy and may break off easily but that surely is not case for the glass technologies which are being developed today as they are being quite durable. So if at all the iPhone 8 sports a glass technology, we can expect it to be quite durable.

Even the screen size of the iPhone 8 may get a little expanded as some users of Apple want the tech entity to actually develop a bigger display for the iPhone 8. And an AMOLED screen which is curved can also get equipped with the eight generation iPhone as the rumors indicate so.

However, with such anticipations doing the rounds related to iPhone 8, the next Smartphone by Apple is definitely going to be biggest creations by the company.