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Top 3 Lotteries of India — Best List

Top 3 Lotteries of India — Best List

Money by selling numbered tickets and giving prizes to those who purchased the numbers, drawn at random manner is the simplest form of gambling that is known as lottery. This way of making money is very popular and some of the states are very active when it comes to lottery. Some of the most active states are Goa, Maharashtra, Kerala, West Bengal etc. and thus India government has taken few steps my making it a registered business to avoid the illegal probation regarding the business, and this step has helped the buyers to save from being cheated.

top 3 lotteries in india

Goa State Lottery

The finance ministry list includes 17 lotteries run in traditional way and 241 online ones. Maharashtra’s ten figure in the list. Among the online ones Goa has 168 lotteries. Goa’s ongoing paper lottery business is also under threat due to some states banning its sale to highlight the on-line lotteries. But the local Congress government has planned a series of court petitions against any state, that would ban sale of its paper lotteries.

Maharashtra State Lottery

1996 was on April 12 Maharashtra state lottery was established. the state Department of Finance began the lottery first. The state-run lottery winning greater public trust in the payment of very low investment. The motto of the government regarding the lottery is to improve the education and health, women and child development as well as strengthening the agricultural sector, as well as the sale of lottery is to become a full-time or part-time business for many unemployed youths. Lottery numbers are selected from the electrical device or drums. Thus, draws are transparent and credible. In the last 42 years state lottery bodhavaky is covered glory and visvasarha ‘satyata.

Monday Sagar Lakshmi- 5 Lakh (1st Prize) Maharashtra Diamond Mini- 2 Lakh (1st Prize)
Tuesday Padmini- 5 Lakh (1st Prize)  
Wednesday Akshay- 5 Lakh (1st Prize) Maharashtra Platinum Mini- 2 Lakh (1st Prize)
Thursday Akarshak Puskaraj- 11Lakh (1st Prize) Maharashtra Gold Mini- 1 Lakh (1st Prize)
Friday Vaibhav Lakshmi- – 5 Lakh (1st Prize)  
Saturday Maharashtra Lakshmi- 7 Lakh (1st Prize) Maharashtra Silver Mini- 1 Lakh (1st Prize)

Kerala Lotteries

State Kerala also run lotteries by their own. In God’s own country, this is one industry the sun never sets on.  The State launched its own lotteries in 1967 under a CPI(M) government, it is the first state in the country to do so  and they have never made a loss. The main structure of Kerala lottery is two types- 1.Weekly Lottery and 2.Bumper Lottery.

Kerala state lottery department announces seven-lottery result starting from Win Win of Monday to Pournami of Sunday of every week.

Kerala Bumper Lottery

So, lovers of luck-by-chance in India here is brief information about lottery for your knowledge. So all I want to say that play this lottery game to increase your winning probability.

The state’s lottery game tax Act mandates that marketer of any lotto game needs to register himself with the replacement commissioner (lotto tax) prior to he introduces the plan. The promoter needs to pay a bear down every Monday. The quantity is examined by the deputy commissioner. He likewise needs to submit his documents on a regular basis to the lottery game department.