Flipkart vs Snapdeal – Which Online Market Place is better?

Flipkart vs Snapdeal – Which Online Market Place is better?

Indian e-commerce market has developed hugely since 2010 and Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal are the three giants of it. According to Morgan Stanley, Indian online market place will grow by $137 billion by 2020. So, the e-commerce is going to be huge in few years and as the 4G has already introduces by some telecom companies in India, 200 million Indians are expected to join the Internet. So, which of the online market place is the most popular at the moment? Let’s compare between Flipkart and Snapdeal, see what different strategies they are applying to attract customers.

Flipkart vs Snapdeal Comparison

The competition in Indian e-commerce market is getting brutal and nastier day by day and it will be interesting to see, which one can survive in this rate race in the coming years. Let’s find out which one has the capability to be the undisputed champion of Indian online market place.

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Snapdeal: Snapdeal is now deliver to 6000+ cities and towns of India and they have over 300,000 sellers all over India. Moreover, the e-commerce company has partnered with several leading global and individual investors, i.e. Mr. Ratan Tata, Foxconn, BlackRock, Bessemer Venture Partners, SoftBank, Alibaba, eBay Inc etc. Snapdeal has raised their products to 35 million with 800+ categories.

One of the key element to move forward in e-commerce industry is customer satisfaction and Snapdeal customer care team is working hard to reach the ultimate level of it to satisfy the customers. On Sanpdeal.com, customers can use coupon code or discount code to get extra discounts on products. That coupon code facility isn’t available on Flipkart, which is akind of drawback for the online market place.

The layout of Snapdeal is easy to understand and it also has very flexible policies & great SD advisors to help the interested sellers around India. Snapdeal now has 125,000+ national, regional and international retailers associated with them. The online market is really growing up to be one of toughest competitors in Indian E-commerce market.

Flipkart: On the other hand Flipkart is statistically the number one e-commerce company of India and has managed to gain the trust, generate goodwill among the Indian buyers. Flipkart is the first online market place to introduce 24×7 customer supports in 2008.

The e-commerce site has launched in 2007 and grown immensely since then. Now it has over 40 million products and 80+ main categories. Flipkart also covers greater locations in India comparing to Snapdeal. Now it experiences 10 million page views everyday and makes 8 million shipments every month, which is quite extraordinary.

Both the company is working hard to provide a whole new level of service to the customers while buying products from online. Flipkart and Snapdeal both provide 24×7 customer care support and provide unbelievable offers in the festive seasons of India. So, the rate is on and it would take some years to find out the undisputed champions of Indian online marketplace.

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